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Occupational Therapy for Children


Occupational Therapy for Children

CranioSacral Therapy For Children
The Healing Power Of A Gentle Touch


Rebecca Flowers has been employed in the specialty area of pediatric Occupational Therapy(O.T.) since 1986. Her first two years were spent developing a pediatric a pediatric O.T. program within the rehab department of a hospital. She subsequently left the hospital to be employed full-time in a school system which serviced 3 districts. Simultaneously, she developed her own private practice, Adult and Pediatric Therapy Services, which later grew to be a thriving clinic in which she and her team of therapists treated hundreds of children for over 8 years.

In 1992, Rebecca was among the first O.T.'s to achieve "Board Certification in Pediatrics"(BCP) from the American Occupational Association. In order to achieve this specialty, she had to meet an exacting list of stringent criteria: extensive continuing education/post-graduate study in the field of pediatrics; presentations/teaching on the subject of pediatrics; local, state or national service in pediatric O.T.; publications and /or research on pediatrics; mentoring O.T. students in pediatrics; and having another specialty certification (Sensory Integration). in addition to the requisites for certification from AOTA

Rebecca was also one of the first to re-certify for that Pediatric Specialty five years later. Since then, she has continued study in the area of pediatrics, having now an exhaustive curriculum vitae; and she continues to lecture worldwide, publish articles, and develop curriculum/courses in addressing pediatrics.

Hope For Children With Health Challenges

It's no wonder children respond so favorably to CranioSacral Therapy. Because of a child's still-developing physiology, the central nervous system is especially accepting of this effective therapy.

Even a single session can help your child achieve priceless benefits, from calmness and greater focus to better integrated sensory facilities. Additional sessions can extend and strengthen these outcomes, often producing results unmatched by other therapies.

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